Jack O Lantern Patterns Carving Your Own Pumpkins

Halloween will be empty without jack o lantern for the lighting in that day. If you have times that will be good for you to create your own lighting with jack o lantern patterns. How can you create your own jack o lantern patterns if you do not know the technique to do it by yourself? You can spend your times to see the best suitable pumpkins to realize your own ideas of jack o lantern patterns first.

You know that it will be fun if you do carving jack o lantern patterns with your kids. You can ask them to accompany you to buy the pumpkins in the markets or stores. You can ask them to choose the small pumpkins, so they also do carving the jack o lantern pattern with you. You can also ask them to see several pictures of jack o lantern patterns on the internet.

You can draw your pumpkin’s face first with a pencil. Let your kids see your actions while carving the jack o lantern patterns and let them try it. Then, you can cut the top off and remove all the insides, the seeds and the flesh. You have to put attention if your kids do it by themselves. You can help them cut off the top and then let your kids remove all the seeds and the flesh inside.

You can use your pumpkin kits to carve the pumpkin’s face to create the horrible effect of jack o lantern patterns. It will be easy for you and your kids if your pumpkins are still fresh. You can create the most horrible face for coloring your jack o lantern patterns. You have to help your kids, so they will not do something wrong and be injured of the sharp tools.