Getting Fantastic Look In Your Modern Home Through Retro Interior Design

In every ten years or twenty years, the design has changed. The newest design appears, the old design is left. But, sometimes the old design is back with new touch. The change of design can be found in the fashion, home decor, and many things. The change of design has its own characteristic. Retro is one of many styles that still exist. Retro is the eclectic mix that combines the old styles with new forms or new forms with old materials and finishes. Retro style can be applied in home decor. Well, in this occasion I would like to give you some tips about retro interior design that can be applied in a modern home.

Retro interior design becomes the favorite home decor for some people who love vintage style. The main characteristic of retro is in the colors and patterns. If you want to apply retro interior design in your modern home, you should be selective when choosing the colors and patterns. Retro interior design more emphasize using bold colors and patterns. You can try to use wallpaper, wall painting, or patterned rug if you enjoy the large pattern. But, don’t use too much combination of colors because it makes your room won’t be inviting. To get the subtle retro interior design in your home, use smaller prints and geometric pattern. Also, you should use the pattern in small quantities, such as only on the wall or flooring.

The use of furniture in retro interior design in your modern home also should be paid attention. Curvilinear and circular shaped furniture is the characteristic of retro interior design. You can also put the modern style furniture into retro interior design. Just mix and match your furniture with the color and pattern of wall and flooring.

Applying retro interior design in a modern home is so simple, isn’t it? You will get fantastic look in your modern home. Just try!