Beadboard Protecting The Walls From Scratches

To beautify your room and to protect your walls, people tend to attach beadboard on the walls. You can install the beadboards on several places in your house, for instance in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Those adorable areas are often full of scratched or scuffed because of your daily activities. You have to protect those strategic areas with beadboards.

In the market, you can find several types of beadboards that will be suitable for your needs of stylish wall designs. You can fasten the beadboards in a half lower from the height of the wall in your house that you often use very often to support your mobile activities.

It is common for you to see white beadboards in the ceiling areas or white beadboard under your kitchen cabinets. Some of the beadboards are made of pines and other hardwoods. In the market, you can find pines woods for the beadboards. Pines will give a long-term use for the beadboards.

You can install them by yourself if you have times. Firstly, you have to determine the height of your beadboard and choose the best places for your beadboard. The minimum height of beadboards are about 34″ above the floor and are topped off with pieces of cap rails. If you want to install the beadboards in your bathroom areas, it is better if you choose 7″ tongue.

If you want to install the beadboards by yourself, you have to prepare the things, for instance nails, cap rails, baseboard trim, paint, corner molding, beadboard panels and vapor barrier. Then, you can clean the areas that you will be used for installation the beadboards. You can start from the corner area. If you have finished installing the beadboard, you can paint them. The beadboards will protect your walls perfectly.